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ICS Industries: Specialist Equipment Shelters, Cabinets & Trailers

ICS Industries' clients own and operate expensive, complex networks that require reliable power and secure infrastructure.

We provide products that power up our Clients' assets as well as Shelters and Enclosures to protect their critical equipment. In turn, our services support our products to ensure our clients get the maximum benefit from their investment.

About ICS Industries

Recent Projects

ICS Industries' broad range of capabilities spread across four major divisions enable us to provide maximum value at every stage of a project. We deliver the ultimate in custom design and construction quality for large and small scale roll-outs with precision results.

Modular Switchroom - Devil Creek Gas Plant

The Switchroom, fully fitted out with 40 tonnes of Tamco switchgear, intricate cable support, gland…

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Passive Solar Site at Jinidi, WA

The new site is one of the largest passive sites Telstra has constructed with a…

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Switchroom - Callide Oxy Fuel

ICS Industries was engaged to design, engineer and manufacture a Modular Switchroom to facilitate a…

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