EnerSys sells replacement NBN™ batteries to consumers

EnerSys, the original backup battery supplier for NBN™ Power Supply Units, has launched an online store selling replacement NBN™ batteries to consumers.

Date:  August 8th, 2016


EnerSys is the original battery supplier for NBN™ Power Supply Units installed in households and businesses across Australia. As existing batteries come to the end of service life, the online store will facilitate the purchase of replacement NBN™ batteries, which marks the beginning of EnerSys selling directly to Australian consumers.


Customers that chose to have the NBN™ Power Supply Unit with Optional Battery Backup Service (pictured below) as part of their installation, will have an existing EnerSys NP7-12TFR battery when it is installed into a home or business.

red light replace battery nbn power supply

The picture above depicts the warning light indicating the battery has lost its charge and needs replacing.


Having a working NBN™ backup battery is necessary to ensure landline phone and internet services continue to work over the NBN™ network in the event of a power outage. When the battery has lost its charge, the Power Supply Unit will show a red light next to the ‘REPLACE BATTERY’ symbol or an alarm will beep once every 15 minutes.

EnerSys Australia's online store makes the process of replacing the battery as simple as possible with free delivery Australia-wide.

Visit https://nbnbattery.enersys.com.au to purchase a replacement NBN™ backup battery.