Solar Cell on Wheels

Engineered for all environments

What is a Solar Cell on Wheels?

The Solar Cell on Wheels (SCOW) is just one of several Transportable Solutions developed by ICS Industries, which are proving invaluable for many of our customers so that they can provide communications for a vast array of services including Radio, Mobile, LTE which can provide essential services for many situations.

This transportable SCOW solution can cater for up to a 20m Heavy Duty Mast and the option of utilising the Solar and or a self-contained Generator as a primary power source for your equipment dependent on your needs.

It can be equipped with many options that we can help ascertain once we know your application or requirements. Suited for Mining, Emergency Services, Government & Carrier Grade Networks, the SCOW is engineered and designed to be packed up and easily transported using either a 4WD or light truck vehicle.

Onboard generator with up to seven-day fuel tank
Folding solar frame for 12 panels
Fully engineered trailer base frame
Heavy duty lockable pneumatic mast up to 18.5m
Electronic & emergency Braking System
Road registrable trailer
AC or DC air conditioning system
Will-Burt Mast

Will-Burt Mast

Lockable pneumatic mast 8-15m.
Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

AC or DC system.
Trailer Hitch

Trailer Hitch

Various hitch types available.
Solar Cell on Wheels (SCOW) Trailer
Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Folding solar frame for 12 panels.


Genset and fuel tanks.


Extendable outriggers.

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Solar Cell on Wheels Brochure

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Services & Support

ICS offer a complete turn-key service that encompasses design, engineering, manufacture, factory fit-out, delivery, and on-site installation including civil and electrical works.
Our depth of industry experience can assist you with product alternatives, technical support, or troubleshooting and general enquiries. Whether you require one or all of our services offered, ICS can provide you with cost-effective solutions to deliver consistent results.


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