Shelter Cooling Systems

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Things to consider

Managing the internal temperature within specialist Equipment Shelters is critical when it comes to protecting your sensitive equipment. When specifying a cooling system, many aspects need to be considered, some of these include:

Heat Load
The heat load produced by the equipment within the building.
Ambient Temperature
The ambient temperature/humidity of the environment.
Thermal Protection
The thermal protection from the environment provided by the equipment building.
Temperature Range
The minimum and maximum internal temperature range the equipment building should maintain for the equipment.
Humidity Range
If required, the minimum and maximum internal humidity level the building should maintain for the equipment.
Power Source
The power sources available, mains grid 240V-AC or off-grid DC solar.
Space Available
The available space within the equipment building for the cooling system.
Total Cost
- The capital expenditure required for the initial setup of the cooling system.
- The annual expenditure to run the cooling system.
- The ongoing expenditure to maintain the cooling system.
Greenhouse Gas
Green House gas emissions, the overall efficiency of the cooling system and its ability to minimise the impact on the environment.
The reliability of the cooling system to perform in remote locations and never fail completely, resulting in your equipment being in an environment with no cooling whatsoever.
Expandable, the ability to increase or downsize the capacity of the cooling system as your needs change over time.

Modular Cooling System

Our industrial air-conditioners and economy cooling solutions are designed to operate in conjunction with our electrical distribution boards and control systems to manage heat loads and regulate temperatures within equipment shelters.

With over 20 years experience in developing and supplying ventilation and cooling equipment throughout Australia, we can customise a cooling system based on your equipment and exact requirements.

The Modular Cooling System typically includes the following components:

1. Stack Frame
2. Security Cage
3. L600P Process Cooler
4. L350A Economy Cooling Fan
5. Surge Arrester
6. Circuit Breakers
7. Distribution Board
8. PLC Controller
9. Temperature Sensor

Modular Cooling System
We can offer cooling solutions for all climates

Zonecool Management System

Zonecool™ is the latest advancement in world class energy efficient cooling solutions for outdoor equipment Shelters and has been designed and developed by ICS Industries in Australia.

The advantages of Zonecool™ over traditional cooling systems include:
  • Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Reduced Power consumption
  • Independent temperature zones for each equipment rack
  • Protects sensitive equipment from adjacent equipment in the same Shelter that is emitting higher heat loads
  • Improved reliability

Zonecool™, exclusive to ICS Industries, is designed for both mains-grid and off-grid power situations. Suitable for metropolitan equipment buildings on the mains Power Grid providing significant energy savings, and also suitable for remote off-grid locations and solar-powered locations providing a stable cooling system requiring minimal DC power. Zonecool™ works with a broad range of power supplies, 240V-AC, 48V-DC and 24V-DC.

Product Maintenance & Upgrades

ICS Industries offer 24/7 on call services in selective states and are happy to make individual arrangements to meet client needs. We can conduct routine service works or respond to as need requests. As well as new installations, ICS can also carry out upgrade works to existing equipment where required.

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