Passive Cooled Buildings

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Passive Cooling is usually required in locations where the Mains Grid power supply is either unreliable or unavailable and vented or fresh air cooling is not suitable. These buildings are designed to dissipate internal heat loads via a thermally transparent internal skin into the air cavity protected by the building's external wall panel.

The control of the internal temperature is dictated by the Delta T as specified and the external temperature. This method does not affect power as it involves no active equipment. Depending on your project, we can engage Thermal Modelling (TM) or Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

We have designed and built a range of Passive Cooled Shelters for different projects, including:

Option 1 - Double wall panel shelter with a thermally transparent internal skin.
Option 2 - Full concrete shelters that utilise it's own mass as a heat-sink which is protected by a solar shield.
Option 3 - Partially double walled panel trailer with a thermally transparent internal skin.
Australian designed and manufactured
Thermally transparent internal skin
No active equipment used for cooling
Suitable for 'off-grid' locations
Deployable to Cyclone Regions A-D
Turnkey solution from design to installation
Custom design and construction available

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Enclosures for all environments