Switchroom - Callide Oxy Fuel

ICS Industries was engaged to design, engineer and manufacture a Modular Switchroom to facilitate a gas drilling operation that has been set up in Biloela, Queensland.

  • Switchroom crane lifted onto truck
    Switchroom ready for transport
    Switchroom gear
    ICS working inside switchroom



Client: Callide Oxy Fuel

Industry: Oil & Gas


The project was tendered through Tamco Electrical Ind. Australia, who required a Modular Switchroom to facilitate a gas drilling operation that has been set up in Biloela, Queensland. They approached ICS with the main goal being a Switch Room that could accommodate M.V Racks, M.C.C Racks and other assorted racks that would monitor the plant. Our aim was to not only design a Switchroom that would house this but also determines what heat loads would be emitted by the equipment so that we could accommodate with the right cooling system.



Openings in the floor and cable ladder connected to both walls and underside of the ceiling helped run cables both out of the underside and the top's of the equipment for a concealed and well-designed look. We have also added additional ICS Switchboards to run lighting G.P.O's and A/C systems. Even from the design stage, the project was always going to be a challenge due to the dimensions of the room. Measuring in at 14.4 metres long by 4.35 metres wide, it would be testing boundary limits with not only the size of the shelter build but also its transport size.

Overall, the Switchroom design and manufacture was a complete success in the eyes of the client.



ICS engineered solutions on how to lift a Switch Room this size and weight, then tie it down to the truck bed without exceeding size limits and restrictions. The large size of the base was also a challenge.

The solution, making the base in half, then, bolting it together for easier transport to the factory to begin the construction. A significant challenge was locating the customer supplied electrical panels within the shelter, to a very demanding tolerance level along the panels.

However, the ICS production team met the challenge and the customer was delighted with the accuracy of the alignment of the installed panels. The entire Switch Room build was well organised and precisely done, in keeping with ICS standards.

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