Variable Speed Signs at Gateway Bridge

ICS installed parts of the new equipment and also implemented new upgrades to the existing equipment.

  • Gateway Bridge
    Gateway Bridge
    Gateway Bridge


Date: May 2010

Client: Visionstream

Industry: Telecommunications


Together with Leightons and ABI Group, Visionstream has been involved in the installation of the illuminated Variable Speed Signs on the freeway, the accompanying infrastructure, and street lighting.

ICS Industries was contracted by Visionstream to install new equipment and implement upgrades to existing equipment. ICS also installed street and bridge lighting as per drawings provided by Visionstream; along with new designs on request.


This project involved terminating the wirings to AS 3000 standards and, designing and installing more appropriate Cable Management in the gantries to better suit Australian conditions.

The new Variable Speed Signage was a complete upgrade on the new section of freeway between the South and North sides of the Gateway project. This enabled the freeway speeds to be adjusted to suit changing traffic conditions via Telemetry controls.


This project had to adhere to a strict deadline to coincide with the opening of the new South bound Gateway Bridge. Included in the works, was the installation of new under bridge and walkway lighting for both vehicle and pedestrians traffic along certain sections of the new project. Other parts of the project were conducted during night shifts; this required Traffic Control and also ran on a deadline.