Concrete Passive Buildings for NBN Rollout

ICS designed, manufactured and delivered 19 solid concrete passive cooled solar powered CEVs and 30 ballistic rated mains powered CEVs.

  • Concrete Passive Building
    Concrete Passive Building
    Concrete Passive Building


Date: May 2010

Client: Visionstream

Industry: Telecommunications


ICS Industries was approached by Visionstream to supply an initial order of 50 Controlled Environment Vaults (CEV). The roll out of the Regional Backbone Blackspot Program was the first step towards the National Broadband Network (NBN) plan.


The order consisted of 19 solid concrete passive cooled solar powered CEVs alongside 30 Ballistic-Rated mains powered CEVs. Despite being on an extremely tight schedule, ICS Industries met all delivery dates whilst also maintaining the highest standards of construction and QA Inspection processes. The project roll out began on the 10th of May 2010 with the first main powered CEV being dispatched on the 21st May 2010.


The project was completed in mid-December 2010 with the last CEV dispatched on the 10th of December. The project required the nationwide use of both new and current resources.

ICS Sheetmetal played a vital role in the design and supply of various parts and brackets in the CEVs. All components were designed and manufactured according to the client’s specifications.