Stainless Steel Shelter for BOM

The stainless steel hut was provided for a remote Automatic Weather Station in the Coral Sea off NE Australia for the Bureau of Meteorology.

  • Stainless Steel Shelter



Client: Bureau of Meteorology

Industry: Government


ICS Industries was approached by GHD to design a small hut at the Coral Sea off North East Australia. The hut was to provide shelter to Bureau of Meteorology staff during their regular equipment maintenance visits at their remote Automatic Weather Stations.

They were designed to sit on a platform just above sea level with OH&S, corrosion and engineering considerations.


The stainless steel shelter featured minimal base thickness and anti-slip flooring to prevent trip hazards. The louvered vents were designed to prevent water ingress whilst maintaining airflow through the shelter in order to keep the shelter occupants cool.

Environmental factors were also considered, as the shelters were engineered to suit Cyclonic conditions experienced in Far North Queensland.


Pier footings were nominated and installed, as well as a concrete foundation for the emergency plant and support conduit system.

The project saw the completion of two units; both manufactured entirely from corrosion resistant grade 316 stainless steel and containing a Marine plywood shelf and backboard. Both units were shipped to Townsville for incorporation onto platforms prior to shipping to their final sites.